Does not work: "CrashLoopBackOff"

I cannot deploy, I constantly get an error:

Current status:
CrashLoopBackOff:back-off 2m40s restarting failed container=app-z6f74f680 pod=app-z6f74f680-8659d57847-r9jhs_z82c325cf-za442f8b7(0cade347-2e72-433d-90e2-2d95492fe6ae)
14 Dec, 15:33:04
The container exited in an user/code error (1).
The container has restarted 5 times since the last deployment. If you want to clear this warning state, redeploy the service.

Hello @mycure
I am going to take a look at it. Can you give the web console url of your application?

I assume it’s this:

your nodes have no more disk space:

     The node was low on resource: ephemeral-storage. Threshold quantity: 2146223340, available: 854388Ki. Container app-z99f32e34 was using 21076Ki, re │
│ quest is 0, has larger consumption of ephemeral-storage.

I don’t understand. The code does not use any local storage and the container’s content is 2.2MB large. Plus it was working with this exact commit before. Should I add storage explicitly?

I’ve reverted to a previous version.

sorry I was looking in the wrong environment. so forget what I said about the disk space