Dockerhub Signin Fails - 404

Hi there,

we suddently get the following issue on CI:

Error: status code: 404 Not Found ; body: {“type”:“about:blank”,“title”:“Not Found”,“status”:404,“detail”:“Invalid Docker Hub credentials: {"detail":"Incorrect authentication credentials"}”,“instance”:“/api/container/1c19ec6b-3d29-45e4-8c94-affa5d2ada4c”,“message”:“Invalid Docker Hub credentials: {"detail":"Incorrect authentication credentials"}”}

We tested the exact same credentials to login to Dockerhub: Works. The exact same credentials are used to build and push images on CI: Works as well. We now created a new user on Dockerhub and got around this, but the credentials have not changed in months, can you have a look into this please?


Hi @FlorianSuchan , I suspect a (temporary) issue from Docker Hub when I see 404 - but maybe I’m wrong. Do you still have the issue today?

Hi @rophilogene, can confirm, it works now :+1:

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