Deployment failed: Invalid authentication

Deployments started failing for us due to the following error:

Cannot build Application “XXXXX” due to an error with git: Error { code: -16, klass: -16, message: "Invalid authentication: Exhausted all available auth method to fetch repository

Is this some permission problem on our end or Qovery?

Hey !

Github changes a bit how token work recently, we made changes accordingly, maybe your token got invalidated in-between.
Do you mind retrying to see if it fails again?


Yeah, it works OK now.

Hi @bchastanier, we are having the same issue again.

Hi @bchastanier, the issue was not solved, we periodically see these errors. It seems as if we would hit some sort of API rate limit.

Hi @prki,

Let me circle it back internally. Can you please share execution IDs or anything I can use to investigate this one please?


I can’t access old deployment logs so I will have to wait for the next occurrence. We also see an issue that is likely related: sometimes we cannot change the branch of an application because the GitHub integration is failing, it’s being reported as just “internal server error”.

Hi @prki,

Following recent Github changes, token mechanics has changed a bit as explained earlier. We need to fix it asap, and this matter will be working on during this sprint on our end, so should have a fix quickly.
Sorry about that …