Deployment error in Node.js application

I am trying to deploy a simple node js application from my github repository but everytime I click the deploy button on the create application window, it ends with an error message : Http failure response for 0 Unknown Error

I had deployed the same application earlier and it worked fine but then I deleted it. I am trying to deploy again but I am unable to. Please help. As I said I has deployed the application earlier soo all files are in place i.e. dockerfile , .qovery file etc.

I took a look at your Qovery environment. All your projects are empty. Please create an app in order to see what’s going on.

Its exactly what I am trying to do but whenever I try to deploy my app in the project, it isn’t getting deployed. Deploy button loads and show the above error I mentioned. And its for a specific application. If I add some other app, they are working fine but not the one I need and one more thing, It isn’t asking What type of application is it? where I am supposed to select node js

You don’t need to select it, it will know what kind of app it is.

Just to be sure, if you link apps from your repo to Qovery it works but there is just one you can’t use ? If yes, could you send me the repo url ?