Deployment error due to a Helm issue


Relevant information to this issue:

  • OS: MAC OS X
  • databases: PostgreSQL 12
  • Programming language and version:
  • Back-end : Node JS version 16.13.0 & framework Express.js
  • Front-end : React JS version 17.0.2


For several hours, I have a new issue.
When I try to deploy in my dev environment, I got this error : Helm release application-z39cb0890-z39cb0890 during helm UPGRADE has been rollbacked

Hi @dandray ,

First of all, I encourage you to use console v3. v2 is going to be soon deprecated and logs view is more clear than on v2.

As you can see in the deployment logs, the pod crashed several times. That means your app wasn’t able to start successfully.

I encourage you to try to redeploy one more time and have a look at your application’s logs at the same time (during the deployment phase). You should have relevant information, helping you to understand why it crashes.


Thank you @Pierre_Mavro for your quick answer.
I finally found what was the problem, it was just that I didn’t understand the error message.
Thanks for the help !