Deployement error on my nodejs app with mongoose

Hi, got this error on a simple nodejs app :

The project is a simple api using mongoose & expess.

Deployment logs :

        * Execution ID     : c84cc7033f1113804cc09a59bb34c20cf1cff051d1077654ee636b170b6987516cdda2a50733fbd1848a871b3cb3df5af30164536cb549ec0bfe734c33555dd8
        * Scope            : Application 'api-visage' with id 'k1ojqkoica1yjoxy'
        * Rollback message : 

Log of the container node :

Thank you!

Hi @ryn, welcome here :slight_smile:

Can you show me your Dockerfile please? It looks like your app is starting again and again. Does it work locally if you exec qovery run?

Hi @rophilogene, thanks for your fast answer

I do not have any Dockerfile inside my project.

What you mean with : locally qovery run ?

Ok, so I think I know what happens. Did you declare the port of your app in your .qovery.yml? (See the documentation here).

E.g. exposing your app port looks like this - I suppose that your app runs on port 3000

  name: myApp
  project: myProject
  publicly_accessible: true
  port: 3000
- name: my-router
  - application_name: myApp
    - /

Let me know

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I did’t declared it.
Starting deploying with default configuration. I thought it was exposed by default

It running now !

Thanks :slight_smile:

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