Custom domain not working

Issues information

  • OS: Windows 10
  • databases: Mongo DB
  • Programming language and version: node js

My custom domain is not working, while the public url works ( and I have changed the CNAME


FROM node:14-alpine
COPY . .
RUN npm i --production


CMD ["npm", "run", "web"]

Hi @kye, welcome to the Qovery community.

Can you disable the Cloudflare proxy (orange cloud) and retry?

It’s still not working :frowning:


Did you restart your environment?

Yes I did, the public url seems to work but the custom domain only says “default backend - 404”.


I just took a look and your declared port (3000) doesn’t look to open. This is why I can see this in logs:

2021-05-17T20:33:53Z Warning Unhealthy: Readiness probe failed: dial tcp connect: connection refused
2021-05-17T20:30:59Z Warning Unhealthy: Liveness probe failed: dial tcp connect: connection refused

I advise you to specify it on the CMD line:

CMD ["npm", "run", "bot"]

Please let us know if it’s better.


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Hi @kye, is it working now?

Thank you for the help! I have switched the web side of my app to another service already but I will continue to use Qovery for the discord bot for my app :smiley:

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Hopefully our v2 will help to change your mind and use Qovery for all your apps :wink: Have a great day