Cronjob GUI Display Issue


When deploying a new cronjob to an environment, the little icon doesn’t change to the green check mark after a successful deployment until AFTER the first time that it runs. This makes it appear from the services page that it was never deployed even though it was.


Deploy a cronjob to an environment, but don’t run it.

Hey @colin ,

there are two points to take into account:

  • deployment status != running status: the one you are looking at is the running status. Before the first execution of the cronjob, its deployment status is “deployed” while the execution status is STOPPED (since it’s not running yet). Once the job is executed successfully once, it goes to the status COMPLETED or ERROR depending on its execution (yes, we are lacking documentation here. I’ll work on that)
  • the UI is not perfect and we are working on it. Once a service is deployed, its deployment status disappears from the UI, creating confusion. We are working on a new design but this is how it should look like