Console UI Environment not showing correct Service status


Relevant information to this issue:

  • Link to application: Qovery.


The environment page shows my service as paused, but it is not. I refreshed the page and still shows it as paused. I can login to my app. I attach screenshot to 200 OK health endpoint response.


Login to and navigate to project and then environment

Now the other way around, when it’s stopped it shows the green checkmark.

Hello @moisesrodriguez,

For the 2nd issue, we are going to change the behavior today. It is due because we are making changes to bring more information regarding the status of your app for an upcoming release. In this case, the status is still running because even while your app is correctly stopped, it still has a certificate that we count as live. Going to avoid accounting when service is stopped.

For the first issue, we see the correct status, so we cannot tell you as is. If you see the issue reoccurring, let us know in this thread, we will look into it.

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@Erebe the first issue still happens as of today. When I refresh the page I notice that it shows green for a little bit and then turns grey. It’s not a big issue, but just wanted to let you know it’s happening.

For the second issue, I’m not seeing any issues right now. It shows the grey paused image correctly.