Community project missing from console

This morning when I logged into console, it prompted me to create a new Org. However, I m unable to switch from this new Org to Community.
However, I can see operate on the community project from the cli.

They made the default url redirect to V2. Use url to go back to old dashboard.

In the v2, the “community” orga does not exist anymore. Each user creates his own organization

What about migration of old data? I m still able to access it from cli but it has vanished from the console.

What do you mean by migration of old data? The CLI points to the V1 version of the console, not the V2. If you want, you can use the new API that shipped with the V2.

hello. Web console now point towards V2. CLI still point towards V1. V1 and V2 are completely separated. For community, We don’t migrate your v1 projects to the V2. You’ll have to create your orga, projects, env, and apps in the v2.