Cluster stuck in installation error


I tried to install an ec2 cluster on t3.medium instance type and I get stuck on installation error with this message :
Transmitter: Tools-cluster - Error while executing a kubectl command.
Error while helm charts deployment

This is the execution id : 15ad1017-ae47-429a-b1b1-daafa3c37c22-1664463621

Thanks in advance

Qovery EC2 is still in beta and we randomly face to one issue where iptables rules for k3s can’t initialize properly during the installation phase.

The workaround this issue, restart the EC2 instance and relaunch the installation process.

I just made it for you, waiting for it to be complete.

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It should be ok now :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot @Pierre_Mavro it’s works !

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You’re welcome @Orkin :)!

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@Pierre_Mavro I saw there is 2 ec2 instances is it normal ?

Nope, it shouldn’t be the case :confused: . The correct one is

You can manually delete the other one.

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