Cluster stuck in deploying state after an error "CANNOT_EXECUTE_K8S_VERSION"

Hi there,

One of our cluster is stucked in deploying state after an error “CANNOT_EXECUTE_K8S_VERSION” :
Line 5 - After 0 minute
Full error
Transmitter: Staging - Error while executing a kubectl command.

Because the cluster is stucked we can’t remove it :
An error has occured
Specified action is not possible in this state: Delete Can’t delete cluster while in DEPLOYING state

Because that’s annoying, Qovery guy’s could you please unstuck this cluster ? Thks !
Console => cluster “Staging_old”

I’m taking a look at it.

Very well, thank you @Enzo , and what is your diagnosis?

It was a bug on our side, we’re actually fixing it. You can now trigger a cluster deletion.

Thank you @Enzo
We tried to delete the cluster but a new error is thrown: “DeleteError - Wasn’t able to delete all objects type Cert-Manager, it’s a blocker to then delete cert-manager namespace. Issuers”
Line 17 - After 1 minute
Transmitter: Staging_old - JSON parsing error on kubectl command."
(info: deletion took about 10min on the aws side)

Any idea of what’s happening?

Hello @RSZ-Raphael ,

I am sorry you face this second issue. After some tests, we pushed a patch aiming to improving it (avoiding to have this error).
I am waiting for CI / CD to end to release it so we can test if it solve this issue.

Sorry for the convenience.

Hey @RSZ-Raphael,

Released has been done on our end, retriggered cluster delete, all good now.

Please let me know if you need further help.


@bchastanier , I confirm that it’s all good now.
Thks !