Cluster deletion stuck

Hi guys,

I am trying to delete cluster, but it stuck in deleting state for almost 4 hours at this point. EKS cluster itself was deleted and only terraform.back bucket has remained in S3. There is “DeleteError - Wasn’t able to delete all objects type Cert-Manager, it’s a blocker to then delete cert-manager namespace. Issuers” error in the logs and nothing seems to be happening now. Cluster id is b87eca40-472e-48ee-b23d-227006f69ed5.

Thanks for your help!

could you share the Qovery console link of the cluster ?

Here is the link to cluster logs, not sure how to open page of cluster itself: Qovery

your cluster is now properly deleted. It was a display bug on our side.

Hi Enzo, I’m also trying to delete a cluster, but keep getting deletion error, here is the cluster logs, Qovery

do you still want to delete it ? If yes, do you want me to do it now ?

yes please, you can do that.