Cloning environment into separate cluster may not update Alias ENV variables to properly reference new cluster's database

We created a new cluster, and cloned an environment into the new cluster. This environment had a containerized postgres running inside it with alias ENV variables set up to allow our application to properly reference the the internal default env variable’s. When the new environment was run it appeared to reference the internal value from the original cluster rather than having the alias reference the new version of postgres’s internal value. It appeared that re-creating the aliases and re-deploying resolved the issue. Not sure if this has been reported or not. I’m not 100% sure what happened but figured it was worth reporting.

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Hi @kincorvia, we’ll investigate and let you know - thank you for reporting it to us.


Hi @kincorvia,
Can you please share the web console url of the environment you tried to clone?

We have since deleted it apologies since we had to clone to get container insights perfectly it was a duplicate