Can't save settings of Web app

Save button has no effect in the settings of an Application. It’s true on every tabs of settings.
No error message, no feedback on the button.

There is no click feedback on the button yet - but are you sure it does not save? Can you make a video? you can use loom.

It looks like it only doesn’t work for database link, sorry. I can’t make video right now (tested with redis DB only)

it works, changed buildpacks option to dockerfiles, it worked for me

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Thank you @Dolu cc @Benjamin_Code @bguyot

Hello. Thanks you for this feedback. The database tab has not been plugged already. It is planned this week. We had forgotten to display it in “coming soon” state, sorry for that.
Also, we have planned to add some feedback on the click on “save” button. Have a great day !