Can't delete preview environments


Project ID: 53101355-79ed-4a52-a92e-516fde8e231f

  • ead62adc-fde0-46ea-8e5f-70364961f818
  • 6bb9be0d-da26-497f-8df7-a1d16a8546a0
  • 2dac2e89-d0ae-4e1c-897f-73a368588410



When I try to delete any of the current preview environments (either manually or by merging into the base branch) I get a delete error. All the application are deleted except Redis databases. For all the envs the error is the same: Can't get RDS database zc5410875-postgresql. (Of course, the Postgres ID is different for every env).

Hi @oleh_m , thank you for reporting this issue. Could you provide the URL of the environment that you tried to delete? Then my team can take a look.

Already updated the description with all the IDs

Also, here is a link to one of them:

Morning @rophilogene. Now the issue is fixed. Proceed to delete all the redis instances. Thank you