Can't access logs


I can’t access my logs (deploy and live), it doesn’t load

I have deleted my cache and refresh


Hello @JrmyDev,

Are you talking about the database? Or any other application logs?
It seems you try to delete this DB, am I right?


yes i try to delete one database but it’s not related…

I have difficulty loading logs (both deployment and live) for all my applications

My browser is Brave (without blocking content enabled)

Ah ! I think it boils down to websockets.
Can you open Brave dev console and check for any error messages / blocked packets / warnings?

@bchastanier any news ? i’m still stuck

Hey @JrmyDev,

I think Brave might be blocking websockets, have a look here.
Can you try with another browser just to double check?
Do you have any extension preventing you from loading logs?
Did you try with a new private session?

Also can you share the logs screen you are seeing?

Here’s what I have on my side on your logs with latest brave version without plugins:


i already share the logs below

i’m trying to load this log, it’s successful after few minutes only, so it works but veryyyyy long

It is instant for me for the link you pasted.
Can you share a screenshot of the developper console, but on the network tab and filtered on websocket.

The websocket call should be

also if you can share the x-qovery-request-id of the call, so I can look on our side what happened.