Cannot find domain under CNAME Retrying in 5 seconds

Cannot find domain under CNAME Retrying in 5 seconds…

Hi, can you give more details please? Please see the Q&A rules. Romaric

Added CNAME as mentioned in my DNS.

Below is my yml config

name: “findthelawyer”
project: “findthelawyer”
organization: “QoveryCommunity”
publicly_accessible: true
port: 3000

  • name: “main-findthelawyer”
    • branch: “master”
      domain: “”
    • application_name: “findthelawyer”
      • “/*”
        During build it says cannot find domain under CNAME

Please help if I’m doing anything wrong

I don’t see your domain linked to

~ $ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:
*** Can't find No answer

Did you save your configuration?

I have mentioned my CNAME record screenshot, Do I have done any mistake in it?

From what I see it still does not work - I wonder if you should not use @ in your record instead of

Godaddy doesn’t allow me to use @ for CNAME Name, instead i can add @ for A Record - but the value of the A record should be IP instead of domain name

Do you mean as below

So maybe you’re better to use a sub domain like and give it a try. Can you try?

bro,did this work for you,i also get the same problem