Cannot deploy simple application with Dockerfile

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Never deploys

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FROM golang:1.7.1
COPY bin/sample /go/bin
CMD ["/go/bin/sample"]

@Pierre_Mavro can you take a look what’s going on?

it looks like the build step is missing to make it works.

You can build it locally and push the binary to your repository in the bin folder or use the container to build it then deploy it.

Maybe a RUN command for building the app and CMD [] will start the app

@Enzo I understand the issue here.

But I selected “buildpacks” in the settings dialog so I assumed that Qovery would automatically build my app and ignore my own dockerfile. No?

So yes, buildpacks is used in that case. If it doesn’t work, I guess it’s because buildpacks doesn’t understand your project architecture. Buildpacks uses very standard way of work like main.go file at root level which is not your case.

I see.

But I just want to say that go modules were introduced at go 1.10
This means that anybody who has older applications than this will not be able to use Buildbacks. I think we need to document this somewhere.

I will try with a newer Go version

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