Cannot deploy: Dockerfile not being detected

Our application is now immediately failing on deploy, where Qovery indicates our Dockerfile can’t be found. The Dockerfile is still in the repo (it was detectable and deploying fine an hour ago).

Now seeing: app-name: Check Dockerfile exist: Cannot find /Dockerfile.frontend in at commit b25803b26a99169c02XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Nothing has changed with our Dockerfile in a month:

This seems like a bug or a system-wide issue? I’m seeing everything green and “All systems operational” on the Qovery status page. thanks

Project: Django, Python3
Qovery Application Environment

Hello Chris,
are you still facing the issue? When I checked your application, everything looked to work.

It seems ok now, this lasted for about 2 hours. Unclear what caused or resolved it.

Ok. Please let me know if you need further help.