Cannot create cluster on Scaleway

When trying to create a new (aka first) cluster on Qovery with Scaleway, I get an error which states the following:

Invalid Config: Node Resources: The specified instance type T3A_MEDIUM is not allowed with your current cluster type SCW_KAPSULE

As you can see in the screenshot I am simply using the UI to do so, also on Scaleway I can see the DEV1-M instance (which I selected) available so I’m guessing something wrong is being sent to the server from the front-end.

Update 1: Selecting another instance in the modal for Scaleway provider type still shows the same error.

Hello Neal,

Thanks for the report and really sorry for the problem you had.

We had a problem with Scaleway, it was fixed this morning, you should be able to create your cluster now. Let me know if you have any other problems!



Now that is some great support, I’ll test it later today. Thanks!

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