Cannot change git repo settings for application - does not found Docker file at commit/path (which definitely exists)

Hello, when trying our applications in Qovery, we get the following error message:

Check Dockerfile exist: Cannot find /backend/Dockerfile in {repo} at commit {commit hash}

For example: Qovery

Also note: the current GitHub owner no longer has access to the repo, so we are trying to switch to a user who does have access to the repo.

The Dockerfile does exist though, and the commit too. Could you please help us out to make the update to the setting? Thanks!

Hello @will
Yes if the access to the repo has changed, you need to update the git repository of your application.
To do so, the new user that has access should go to the application settings and click on “Edit” on the git repository:

Then he will have to enter the git repository information (even if the information are the same as it was before).
When saving the settings, the owner should be updated on our side and you shouldn’t have the issue anymore:

Please note that you should do this operation in each Qovery application settings impacted by the issue.

Thank you @Melvin_Zottola

Unfortunately, we have followed those steps several times already - the error actually occurs when we click the “Save” button to set the new owner.

Could you let us know if you see more details in the logs regarding our attempts to update the GitHub user? (We think it might be because the current user no longer has access to the repo, blocking us from setting a new user).


Okay, can you share your application link & the username of the user that does the request ?

Here’s the application link (was a bit hidden in the first post): Qovery will send you a chat message with the username :+1:

Ah exact I didn’t see the link in your original post !
Thank you, I’m looking

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The owner has been updated for all of your git repositories. The old user is not owner anymore on those repositories

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Awesome! Thank you! :+1:

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