Cannot apply deployment restrictions to jobs

Hi, I tried applying deployment restrictions to a cron job using its ID from the URL. However, the API returns 404 error:

{“type”:“about:blank”,“title”:“Not Found”,“status”:404,“detail”:“Cannot find organization for Application 140c42da-58be-498c-8fba-7ba57e73d936”,“instance”:“/api/application/140c42da-58be-498c-8fba-7ba57e73d936/deploymentRestriction”,“message”:“Cannot find organization for Application 140c42da-58be-498c-8fba-7ba57e73d936”}

Hi @prki ,

unfortunately, we didn’t implement the deployment restrictions for jobs yet (both cronjob and lifecycle jobs). It’s in our backlog but I don’t have a clear ETA for it.

What’s your use case?


ps: note that once we will implement the feature, your endpoints you should call /api/job/… instead of /api/application

We deploy jobs from the same monorepo as our applications and it is equally important to have deployment restrictions to avoid unnecessary builds.

I will let you know once it is done, I think we should have it ready this month

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Hi @a_carrano, do you have an update? Is it still coming soon?

Hi @prki ,

it’s available via the Qovery API and we will release it on the front-end over the next 2 weeks


Thanks, that’s great!

Hi @prki ,

it’s now available on the UI as well


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