Can we deploy both DB and UI code together in Qovery

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Being a new bie I am not sure if we can deploy both UI code and Backend code together in Qovery. I have come across platforms where the code is deployed to two different locations and things go well. But I never wanted to maintain two repos/servers. Hence curious to know if I dockerize and deploy can I deploy it in single shot

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Hi @Mukheem and welcome :wave:

I confirm that you can deploy 2 apps within the same project with Qovery. Even if those apps are from 2 different repositories. Did you follow this first guide to deploy your first app?

Thanks Romaric for responding.

Do we need to dockerize the project or can I move ahead with out dockerizing.

BTW, thanks for the guide. I’ll go through it.

It depends of the project. You can try without Dockerfile - Qovery will try to go through and detect the language, then build your app. If it does not work you will see that you have to provide a valid Dockerfile.

I tried and it actually works to some extent.

In the very first place, can you help me in getting rid of this error while deleting the existing projects.

Let me re-describe the issue, @rophilogene .

I am working on a MERN stack application. Out of 2, one part is completed and wanted to deploy the application to see how it looks and fortunately I came across QOVERY which can be used to deploy both my front end and back end at same place rather using two different platforms.

Coming to the project structure, I have two folders ‘frontend’ and ‘backend’ under my root folder and I am trying to deploy the same here.

I can see the deployment is going to fine till some extent and is failing post that. Not sure what’s going wrong. Any help is much appreciated.

Hi @Mukheem ,

It looks like we’ve been rate limited on the number of disks we can spawn on Digital Ocean. I just opened a ticket and asked them to raise this limit. They are generally reactive, so I expect this situation to be unlocked in the coming minutes.

Thanks for your understanding

Thanks Pierre for the update.

I will wait for that to be resolved and would give another try post that.

Meanwhile if you can help me how can I deploy my backend first and then Frontend it would be great for me to set the required environment variables.


I can’t see your repo, it looks like to be a private one.

From what you’re saying (correct me if I’m wrong), you have one frontend and one backend in the same repo.

At the moment, Qovery doesn’t support this but in the coming weeks/months. In the meantime, what you can do is one repo for the frontend and one for the backend as we only support 1 app per repo for now.

Hope this will help

That gives me a precise picture.

Thanks :blush: a lot for your help.

I will get through that way.

Digital Ocean informed me it should be ok now :slight_smile:

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Thanks Pierre.i will try once again