Autodeploy failed to run

Autodeploy connected to our Github has been working for months. Autodeploy failed to deploy our most recent commit to all environments (~10 different environments). Qovery even recognizes that it is 1 commit behind latest (see attached image). The autodeploy feature also worked earlier in the day as indicated by our audit logs.

Hi @colin !

Do you mind sharing Qovery console URL for this env so I can have a look?


It happened again yesterday. I can’t seem to reliably replicate it. Most times the autodeploy works and when we push a new commit to Github it deploys across all environments. This is twice now I’ve observed pushing to Github (master branch) where it pushes to NONE of the environments. Seems to be an all or nothing type of issue. Again, not urgent because the next time we deploy it seems to recover, but as I said, I’ve observed the behavior twice now.

Happened a third time on Friday, Sep 8th.

Hello @colin , can you share the list of your environments / apps that been impacted ?
Thank you

It is against ALL environments that have an application pointed at our master branch on Github. Do you want me to send you the repository or some other information about the app? It’s a very all or nothing type of issue. 95% of the time autodeploy works fine. But the 5% where it doesn’t, it just doesn’t deploy across all environments.

Yes at least your repository & organization_id can give some context in order to investigate what’s happening (you can send those info by private message)

By curiosity when you experimented this issue, did you do a force-push on your master branch ? (we don’t receive the force-push events)

Not sure. I will keep that in mind for next time it happens and can report on the issue.

Just had the situation happen again. We did not force push this time.