Auto deploy triggered deploy for another environment


We have auto-deploy enabled for out dev-environment (ID: 3730e0dc-a514-490c-8a99-4e80e3d9d1dd). Yesterday the commit to this env’s branch triggered a deployment for other environments

Deployment request ID: 3730e0dc-a514-490c-8a99-4e80e3d9d1dd
These requests were also sent:

  • a69d420d-64d9-46d8-8267-d6d6fd01fe63-13-1661783072
  • 1b98985e-67c3-43f9-bcf3-4f6fc8d34d1c-25-1661783081

Auto-deploy is enabled only for the first env. The other two environments use other branches and these branches weren’t updated yesterday.

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Hello @oleh_m !

Looking into your issue. In order to be sure and investigate properly, would you mind to share 2 others environment IDs (the one not supposed to be redeployed)?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi @bchastanier



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Hi @oleh_m

Sorry for the delay here.

Your setup seems to be ok. Are you able to reproduce the error?
I saw you have couple commits which were added to dev env, which triggered deployments there only.

Thanks !


Thanks for looking into it. We haven’t been able to reproduce this error again but will continue to monitor Auto Deploys and report back.

CC @oleh_m