Applications unable to load environment variables - RoR

Hi guys,

I have a problem with both my RoR API and sidekiq instances in one of my “test” clusters :

  • The sidekiq instance cannot connect to Redis because it can’t (I assume) get the DB address
  • I cannot access my API admin panel because the host (which I get from env vars is not registered

Any idea why this happens for the first time ?

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Hey @polive106,

Sorry about that, can you please tell on which env / project it’s happening?

Thanks a lot

thanks @bchastanier , the link → Qovery Web Console | Deploy and Manage On-demand Environments on AWS, Remarkably Fast

Hey @polive106,

Can you confirm it’s ok now?
Updated your cluster, it’s indeed an issue on Qovery side (my fault :confused: ).
Just updated your cluster and redeployed your env.

Let me know if it’s ok.

Hey @bchastanier

Everything seems fine ! Thanks a lot !