All apps in the environment get redeployed

Sometimes when we change a variable (application scope) and hit the “redeploy” button, it triggers full environment redeployment (all applications) even though the variable belongs to a single application.

(it was a secret variable if it helps to debug this)

Hi @prki ,

indeed, we should catch the scope used and trigger the redeployment of only the selected service.

I’ve opened a ticket in our backlog, thanks!

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Oh, so that’s not the case yet? I was under the impression it did that already, but I must have changed something else the other times.

I do not recall exactly the behaviour on the V3 before, it’s something we didn’t have on the V2. From what I see, no matter the change you do on an env var with scope = application it asks you to redeploy the entire environment (while we should only redeploy 1 service)