Accessing DBs [Redis]

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Say my Redis is at <HOST>-svc as given below

  "id": "[fancy]",
  "created_at": "2021-06-29T12:01:26.719841Z",
  "updated_at": "2021-06-29T12:01:26.719845Z",
  "environment": {
    "id": "[fancy]"
  "name": "redis",
  "type": "REDIS",
  "version": "6",
  "mode": "CONTAINER",
  "accessibility": "PRIVATE",
  "host": "<HOST>-svc",
  "port": 6379,
  "cpu": 250,
  "memory": 256,
  "storage": 10

Then I want my app to talk to Redis on the URL redis://<USERAME>:<PASSWORD>@<HOST>-svc:6379/0 , when I pass that to the app I get a asynq: pid=1 2021/06/29 17:58:43.999596 ERROR: cannot subscribe to cancelation channel: dial tcp: lookup <HOST>-svc on <INTERNAL-IP>:53: no such host … Basically Redis is unreachable

How do I proceed?

AFAIK, as mentioned in the discord server, they’re working on making databases accessible in the near future and providing the needed variables to communicate with them, in your case, Redis.

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