503 Service Temporarily Unavailable


We have cloned production environment to preproduction one. Then configure CNAME subdomain on both qovery and our provider. DNS CNAME is correctly propagated.
Deployment log of our application is succesfull for our application and router

But our website subdomain return 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

I didn’t mention url here for security purpose.



Please ensure your application is running correctly. Looks like Nginx can’t contact your application endpoint.


Hi Pierre,

Of course app is running and available successfully thought rustrocks.cloud url

Ok, can you please paste the console URL of the application.

I confirm what you did is good. The deployed configuration looks good as well. Investigating why it happens

Ok @JrmyDev ,

I think I got the issue. Here is what I see: your old and new applications are using the same custom domain. Nginx side it’s not possible, so it’s using the first declared one (redirecting to the stopped instance).

Now here is what I’m guessing and would like your confirmation:

  1. You removed the custom domain on Qovery from the old app
  2. You did not redeployed your app
  3. You stopped it instead (so your app is not live anymore but we keep nginx config to keep TLS certificates and other things that should not change)
  4. You added the same custom domain to your new app

And this is why I see 2 declarations of the same domain. Please tell me if it’s what you did.

What I suggest you in this case is to redeploy your old app, so the custom domain will be released from the load balancer, then stop it again. Redeploy your new backend and it should be good.


It works !!

Thanks a lot Pierre
Have a nice day

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: . We’re going to improve our product to avoid this in the future. A ticket has been opened internally.